I got the status ERROR for my Out-of-Sample Runs

I got the status ERROR for my Out-of-Sample Runs. My code should be no problem to get results since it has the score on the public leaderboard. However, it passed the looping moon=306, but failed in the looping moon=307. I would appreciate your checking it out to see what is going on.

I selected my submission #44 and my Run ID is #9297.

Please contact me in the discord.

I contacted and chatted in the discord 2 days ago. But, it seems like no further response now. My problem with the Out-of-Sample Runs still exists.

Sorry, an announcement is going to be done today.

Hey @relaxed-robert we tried reaching you from the Discord, we can only help you if you answer us before today 6PM.

Hi Enzo,

Thanks for you help. I am out of town and can’t reach my computer now. I think there is no easy way to solve this problem and I will not bother you guys to solve my particular issue.