Regarding code for submission

Sir, you told upload the code. What type of codes do we upload. Can you explain in detail. SO, we can incorporate those conditions in these models.

Hi @uranium,

Your submission needs to provide at least three components:

1.imports : As with any script, if your solution contains dependencies on external packages make sure to import them. The system will automatically install your dependencies. Make sure that you are using only packages that are whitelisted here.

2.train() : In the training phase the users will build the model and train it such that it can perform inferences on the testing data. The model must be saved in the resources directory.

3.infer() : In the inference function the model trained in the previous step will be loaded and used to perform inferences on a data sample matching the characteristic of the training test.

A basic but functional submission is available here:
Basic submission

Lot more info on how to submit in the documentation

Sir, where can I download datasets for ADIA competition?

In the basic submission notebook shared above :slight_smile:

    <Message>Access Denied</Message>

EDIT @enzo: Added quotes around the XML


What exactly is your issue?

Seems like you are trying to access the data directly without using the CLI.
Are you having difficulties getting started?