Scoring returns a score of 0.0 and does not show up in the leaderboard as last submission


I submitted several solutions today which passed the test, but I get a spearman score of 0.0.

My predictions are not constant.

Furthermore, I have re-submitted an old submission whose score was not 0, but today the very same submission gave me 0.0.

Is there a problem on the platform?

Thank you,

I noticed the same problem - you are not alone and thanks for flagging it.

Hey @vivacious-thomas, @patient-vinay

Could you both give me a Run ID? (its fine to share them here)

I will take a look tomorrow (I can’t today sorry).

Looking forwards to your replies.

Hi @enzo

Thank you for your reply.

Sure: #3171, #3162, #3160

There are more on my side, but these are the three latest ones. Let me know if you need the full list.

Looking forward to your reply as well :slight_smile:

My Run ids are # 3152 & # 3164

I got the same situation. Bost of the status of my last two submissions are SUCCESS. However, both scores are 0.000.
My Runs Ids are #3170 and #3182.

Hey @patient-vinay @vivacious-thomas,

Sorry it took so long, but everything has been fix!
I checked all of the Run IDs you provided and they all have a score now.