Cloud Quota 5h weekly reset


Any chance we could get an early reset of the 5h / week cloud quota? It wasn’t very clear that this was a weekly quota. I’ll use it more sparingly going forward.


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Hi Joakim,

The weekly quota was implemented to ensure that users don’t burn all their cloud credits at the beginning of the competition. It also helps us manage the overall infrastructure costs. We are closely monitoring the quotas and may consider increasing them.

Regarding your question, the quotas are reloaded every Wednesday.

In the meantime, if you require a manual reload of your quotas, please let us know. You would need to demonstrate that you have conducted local tests and have your script under control.


I agree with Joakim. I think that 5h cpu quota is too restrictive especially if you want to retrain on test with xgb for example. I understand that running gpu in thr cloud can be costly and that CrunchDAO is not like Kaggle with Google resources. Please reconsider cloud quota. Thanks


Hi Jean,

Fair enough, I totally understand the reason to limit it.

However, I don’t think it was communicated very clearly that it was a weekly limit. If I could get a manual reset of the quota that would be great. I’ve started to train on GPU now as well, which I’m hoping will help keeping me under the quota.

I always run the notebook locally before uploading. How would you like me to demonstrate this?


Doing a local test is more like a good thing to do before running it in the cloud.
To make sure you will not burn your credit for nothing.

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