Whitelist new libraries?

Hello could you please add the HMMlearn library, it was previously a module of scikit learn but has been moved to it’s own repo.

Its added.

But careful, in the description:

Note : This package is under limited-maintenance mode.

could you also add the boruta-shap library?

I added it to the whitelist.

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I can see Keras in the whitelist but not Keras-tuner, could you add that aswell?

@numerous-niclas added as well


Can you add these two libraries to the whitelist?

  1. pyGAM (Welcome to pyGAM’s documentation! — pyGAM documentation)
  2. ELM (GitHub - 5663015/elm: Extreme Learning Machine(ELM): Python code)


Its added.

Since its not on PyPI, you need to include it with your submission, sorry about that.

One last request - could you also add easyesn to this list. Just wanted to experiment with something.

Also, for borutashap I noticed that I would need to use sklearn with a version below 1.2.0. Would it be okay if I downgrade the version of sklearn?

Sorry but easyesn’s setup.py depends on sklearn which is not available anymore (renamed to scikit-learn) so the pip install is failing.

Also yes, you can downgrade scikit-learn if you want, its just pre-installed for people that forgot to include it in requirements.txt.

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I see, thanks on all @enzo

Apologies, could you also whitelist fast_soft_sort and tsfresh too? Thanks!

Hi @enzo , could you please add packages nnetsauce and ahead to the whitelist? Thanks.

fast_soft_sort need to be included in the submission since its not on pypi.

copy the fast_soft_sort/ folder to your project.

tsfresh has been added.

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nnetsauce has been added.

ahead cannot be added as it require a R to be installed, sorry.

Ok, thanks @enzo

Last question please, about submission. Is it CET or CEST time? Just to make sure (1 hour diff.)

Paris time, or GMT+1 or UTC+2 (summer time), in 6 minutes.

EDIT: One more hour has been added

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@enzo :cry: :man_facepalming: All the emails said CET

Sorry yeah you are right.

I added one more hour.